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Monday, August 1, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-5 Five things that irritate you about the opposite sex.

Five things that irritate me about the opposite sex:

Double Standards

I know, I know double standards are usually complained about from the other side. Women complain about double standards, and I don't blame them, because double standards suck! What irritates me about double standards in relation to women is:

They complain about double standards, but when they commit them it just gets swept under the rug. I believe in equality, and if I can not use double standards on you, then you shouldn't be able to use them on me. I don't mean for anything too big either. I'm talking about little things like, what I can and cannot bring up in an argument, or I can't throw something in her face in a discussion, but she could say the most hurtful things that come to mind during an argument, and throw everything including the kitchen sink in my face during a discussion.

Nope! I definitely hate Double standards.


This is a big one for me. It breaks my heart to see a woman cry. I hate it. And whenever I see a woman cry, especially someone I love, I can't help but drop everything and comfort them and try and make them feel better, it's who i am.

What irritates me about women crying is:

When they use it to take advantage of situations. Be it during a heated discussion, an argument or just to get their way. I can not stand it when a woman brings out the water works to end an argument or get her way. It bothers me beyond belief. Because it doesn't help resolve the situation, it merely once again, sweeps the issues under the rug, and eventually that rug will need to be cleaned.


This is a no brainer right? No one likes selfishness. Especially when it comes to the opposite sex, and relationships.

If she can not keep from thinking solely of herself, than she doesn't belong in a relationship. I think it's one of the hardest things to deal with when you're in a relationship. Knowing that your significant other is selfishly only thinking of herself and no one else.

So don't be Selfish :)


Who am I to say anything about stubbornness right? I am one of the most stubborn people I know. But I try my best to push down that stubbornness and swallow my pride. I do think effort is important.

Heres what irritates me about stubbornness in women:

When I'm in a relationship, be it romantic or just friendship, I tend to swallow my pride often for the well being of the relationship. This doesn't mean I forget about it completely, I just swallow my pride, and then when we're both calmer I bring it up again and we continue our discussion. What bothers me is, in my experience, when a woman is stubborn she doesn't work on it.

She never ever swallows her pride, and doesn't even acknowledge that you've swallowed yours. She only has her eye on one thing, thats her thoughts, her dispositions, her outlook. She wants things her way, or no way. The worst is when a woman takes her stubbornness and adds in crying, and selfishness. That's when things really get fun. But like I said, EFFORT is very important. And if a woman actually tries to "fix" this issue, I commend her for it, and appreciate her for it.


Finally ignorance irritates me. I don't mean stupid people (although stupid people do annoy the shit out of me) I mean women who make themselves blind to certain things.

Ignorance irritates me and this is why:

A woman holds all power in a relationship. This is just a fact fellas, as much as we hate to admit it, facts are facts. The ignorance I'm talking about is when a woman forfeits that power, and makes herself blind to things.

Whether those things are that her boyfriend is cheating on her, treating her badly, or just a shitty person. Then when people approach her to say something, she denies it vehemently, and worse yet turns her wrath to those trying to help her. All the while ignorantly, protecting the scumbag that is her boyfriend. I've seen this happen countless times, to good people, and it irritates me to no end.

Here's a news flash ladies, If someone goes out of their way to tell you that your boyfriend is cheating on you, or what not. Take a step back, and realize that that person isn't just trying to bring drama into their lives. They didn't just wake up and say, "hmm my life is drama-free I know I'll ruin so n so's relationship today."

Accept that they are a good friend, and make sure your boyfriend is held responsible for his actions. Investigate at the very least. For God's Sake. You look so fucking stupid when you brush off countless informed messages on what your boy friend is doing behind your back, stay with him, and lose good friends in the process.

Don't be ignorant!

So these are five things that irritate me about the opposite sex. Mostly I think that all five count easily be avoided and worked on. I know that I've fallen for girls with some or even all five of these attributes.

I guess I like a challenge. :-)

Check in tomorrow for Day-6 of the challenge with its prompt-- "The person you like and why you like them."

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