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Thursday, August 18, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-22 Ten things about you people don't really expect.

This prompt is super tough because I live my life as an open book. I don't keep anything from my family and friends. I've been sitting here close to an hour thinking about what I could write about, and I have nothing. Not even one little thing I can list that people don't know about me.

So this prompt is a dead end for me. There isn't ten things people don't really expect. They expect everything that I am, because I'm consistently myself.

Instead I'm going to write about Ten things that I didn't expect to happen in 2011.

1. I didn't expect to have successfully published my novel. I was pleasantly surprised, and

truly proud of myself for doing such.

2. After years of having the insurance company fuck with me, I'm happy that I will finally get

my Gastric bypass surgery this year.

3. I didn't expect to find a girl that truly gets me. Someone that makes me as happy as I


4. I didn't expect my sister to move away so soon. I really miss her, but am truly proud of

her for all her hard work and great accomplishments.

5. I didn't expect to have two pygmy/nigerian dwarf goats as pets. They are as playful, tame

and loyal as dogs.

6. I didn't expect that this list would be so hard to write...

I tend to expect the unexpected so all I could think of is 5 things. So sue me for false advertisement. :-)

Bottom line is I am thankful for all the good things in my life, and in the lives of the people I love. May we all continue to reap the benefits that comes with being Good People.

Check in tomorrow for Day 23 of the Challenge with its prompt, "Something you always think 'what if..." about."

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