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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-28 The Month you Were Happiest This Year

This has been a very Good Year for me. I have received lots of great news, accomplished lots of things I set out to accomplish. So it's kind of hard to pick just one month. But since I have to, I'm going to choose the month of August, and here's why:

August is not only my birthday month, and lets face it everyone loves their birthday month.

But August has brought me lots of Good News.

First, my insurance accepted my claim for Gastric byPass.

Second, Barnes n Noble has contacted me to host my first book signing. (Oct 4th, 2011.. Come say Hi. :))

Third, my school contacted me to inform me that I would be one of ten featured authors at their annual event. (September 9th, 2011, Downtown San Jose, if you want to come let me know I can get you tickets free)

Fourth, I have a wonderful Girlfriend, who makes me extremely happy!

Fifth, I'm alive, and well. Always a good thing.

Sixth, my family is healthy, and also doing things they set out to do.

Seventh, I'm almost done with this challenge and will be able to blog about whatever I want soon.

Eight, My back has been getting better and better, and it is no longer a crutch for me.

Ninth. I'm almost finished with School (FINALLY)

Tenth, I just feel like my life is finally falling into place, and that is perhaps the best feeling in the world to know everything is resolving itself.

So those are Ten reasons why August has been the happiest month for me this year.

Check in tomorrow for Day 29 of the Challenge with its prompt, "A Picture of Myself"

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