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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-7 Your opinion on cheating on people

Today's prompt is one that really resonates with me. My opinion on cheating in general is something that I find relates to morals, values, ethics, loyalty, honesty and so many other aspects of life.

Here's what I think about cheating:

I think that first and foremost cheating is completely and utterly unacceptable. There is never ever ever ever (get the point?) a reason for someone to cheat. I feel that if you don't want to be with someone, if you don't care about the person enough to monogamous than you shouldn't be with them, or with anyone really.

I am of the opinion that if a person cheats once, they will always cheat. I know this a bit ridiculous, because we all want to believe that there is that special person out there that rids us of all our flaws and bad qualities, but in reality that special person cant change us. We are who we are, we make our decisions based on our philosophies, and our morals and our values, it's a cop out to blame cheating on someone on the "fact" that were just not into our significant other, or it was JUST a lapse in judgment, or "I was super drunk," or any other ridiculous bull shit excuse. People cheat because they are insecure, selfish and most of all dishonest.

Our society puts so much emphasis on "second chances," and it becomes an enabler to cheaters. People want to believe that after they catch their boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband cheating on them, that it'll stop. But it doesn't. Giving that second chance only solidifies their motive to cheat. They think,"They forgave me then, they'll always forgive me." And sadly it's true.

Cheating is one of the lowest forms of malice in a relationship.

Even worse, and this is always the case, when someone is cheating they become this jealous insecure hypocrite.  They begin suspecting the other person of cheating. I always find it so depressingly amusing, like watching a train wreck, its gruesome and sad, but you can't stop staring. When people who are cheating, and obviously so, begin accusing their significant other of cheating. All the while portraying themselves as victims. And whats even more depressing is the other person who is truly being cheated on, feels like they must defend and prove themselves. They feel like they are doing something wrong, something that is pushing their partners to cheat.

No one is ever forced to cheat. It is a conscious decision people make. They know it's wrong. They know its hurtful. They just don't give a shit.

So to all you cheaters out there... FUCK YOU! I hope you all get caught, and suffer the consequences that cheating brings.

Check in tomorrow for Day 8 of the Challenge with its prompt, "Something you're currently worrying about."

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