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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-14 Your views on Gay Marriage

Today's prompt is about my views of Gay Marriage. I am a firm believer in equality, and am of the opinion that gender should not be a determining factor in whether or not two people who are in love should or shouldn't have the opportunity to get married.

I wrote a piece on this issue back when it first passed here in California, and people began protesting. It is a bit raunchy, and foul mouthed, but it depicts my opinion perfectly so here it is:

have kept quiet about this long enough, and feel the need to throw my two cents into the piggy bank. California has been in an uproar recently due to a Gay Marriage law being passed. Some people are opposing it others embracing it; I for one embrace it, and here’s why. For years and years there have been homosexual people roaming the earth. They have been ridiculed, humiliated, shunned, disowned by family, stepped on, beaten to death, misunderstood, and have been the focal point for societies finger pointing and laughter. In my humble opinion, I believe whole-heartedly that they not only need, but deserve equal rights to wed the person of their choosing. It is not right for them to live with one another, share their lives together but never be given the opportunity to participate in a wedding, or share the benefits that marriage brings. California is on the forefront of left wing liberal attitudes. We are straddling the edge of a new chapter in America. I think it is unfair for people to believe they have a right to keep two people who are in love whether they be both female or male apart. It sickens me to see protesters with signs saying ‘God HATES Homos’ or that Gay people will rot in hell for delivering the devils whatever… the sick feeling in my stomach stems from two major ideas. One, who the fuck are any of these people to speak for God, especially state that God have the lack of compassion to hate anyone. If memory serves correctly aren’t we all here on Earth to suffer in an attempt to gain compassion? I see preachers and head’s of churches out on the street with bibles in hand. And it dawns on me, aren’t some of these the same priests who molest little boys? I shutter to think what God thinks of these adult men who swore the oath of the lord, touching little boys. And wait….. boys are males, and priests are males.. hmmm does that not constitute the extremity of homosexual tendencies? Secondly, I hate the fact that the leader, the chief if you will, of California Arnold “Governator” Schwarzenegger has the audacity to release a phony bullshit statement concerning this law being passed. He has opposed it several times, and hopes it will be shunned in November. This is the head of a liberal state. Someone we are supposed to look up to, and say That is California’s leader. He is just a bullshit actor wearing a suit and playing political leader. He needs to fall in line and look up to mayors like Ron Dellums of Oakland, and Gavin Newsum of San Francisco. These two men, demonstrated that two heterosexual men, could securely support the Gay Community. They embraced the law, with eloquent speeches, and attended a few ceremonies in honor of the shunned community. These mayors are the future of California. Perhaps they have gotten in trouble before, performed some scandals; ultimately California needs the open minded, non-judgmental attitudes these two men bring to Sacramento. Congratulations to all the newly wed couples in California, may you always be treated with the equality and freedom of self-expression that you deserve.

So in conclusion. I hope we as a nation open our eyes to the fact that everyone deserves to be EQUAL.

Check in tomorrow for Day 15 of the Challenge with its prompt "(Scenario) your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

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