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Saturday, August 6, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-10 Your views on drugs and alcohol

Today's blog is about drugs and alcohol. My opinions on both are rather liberal, here's what I think:

I'll start with alcohol. Alcohol is a vice in our society that causes many tragedies. When abused alcohol can literally kill someone. But I do believe that in moderation alcohol is fine. I love to go to a party or to a festa and have a few beers and a couple shots, and have a good time. My issue with alcohol is what one does after the drinking. The key incident is driving. Driving under the influence is a very scary thing. Not only do people put their own lives on the line they put the lives of every other driver out on the road in jeopardy.
I thank God every night that all the people I love and care about made it home safe. So again I think alcohol in moderation is fine.

Drugs one the other hand is a 50/50 shot with me. I do not include Marijuana in the same category as drugs, because it grows from the ground, and its effects are minuscule compared to other things. I think drugs like Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Crack, Heroin, etc. etc. are far worse, and way more effective in ruining lives. It's a no brainer I think, people know that those drugs are bad and that they shouldn't do them.

I'm going to take it a step further and comment on this country's other drug problem. Oh you haven't heard of the other major killer in this country? Well I'll tell you.

Prescription Drugs, are the number 1 or 2 killer in this country. Doctors, unethically might I add, push certain pills down our throats so they could get paid. People get addicted to pain killers, and other form of prescribed drug, and it takes a major toll on their life. The movie "Sicko" by Michael Moore depicts this incredibly well. Our health system is filled with criminals, who take the power they possess over us to feed us pills we don't need, just to make an extra dollar.

So my conclusion is, Moderation is key when it comes to alcohol. (Which by the way is also a huge killer in our country) and "Drugs are bad MMMKAYYY"

Check in tomorrow for Day 11 of the Challenge with its prompt "A hero that has let you down."

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