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Sunday, August 14, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-18 Disrespecting Parents

Today's prompt, is about disrespecting parents. Here's what I think:

Firstly, I consider myself to be one of the lucky one's, both of my parents are amazing, loving, and caring people. They have suffered and worked their asses off to raise both me and my sister.

They instilled in us, values, morals, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and most of all how to live. My parents are my heroes, hands down.

I see a lot of my generation, treat their parents like shit. I see a lot of disrespect all over the place. And it makes me question our society's values. We have given up our values, as a society, for political correctness.

Our parents generation, had no choice but to respect their parents. If they didn't they'd swallow their teeth.

Here's what I see. two extremes, that don't work.

Our generation- disrespects their parents.

Our parents generation- Feared their parents.

So here's where I think we should live. The gray area. We have to want to respect our parents. We have to realize that they are the one's who gave us everything. Without them we would be nothing, we wouldn't even exist.

I think that arguments with parents are natural. Everyone is going to have them at one point or another. The point is even in the most heated of arguments, the respect must always be there.

We only have one mother and one father in this life time. We should do everything in our power to honor them, and show them that they raised us right.

check in tomorrow for Day 19 of the challenge with its prompt, "Something that never fails to make you feel better."

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