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Sunday, August 7, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-11 A hero that has let you down.

Today's prompt is about a hero that has let me down. I thought long and hard about this prompt, because I wanted the words that I wrote to be absolutely perfect. And that's the irony of it all...

All my hero's have failed me. That's right. Every last one of them. They were all human. The difference here is, I never expected them to be perfect. I never held them so high and mighty that I thought they could never make a mistake and fall.  My hero's are all amazing, inspirational, loving, caring, HUMAN BEINGS. I found it ironic that I was searching for the perfect words to describe a "flawed" hero.

Every single person I consider a hero to me, are considered such because of the great impact they've had on me. Just because they make mistakes here and there, doesn't mean they stop being heroic in my eyes.

Once a hero, always a hero.

I cannot in good conscience honor them for their achievements and heroism if I do not also have the courage to be critical of their mistakes.

I love you all, and you all are special to me. I never allowed myself to blindly believe you were invincible. I'll always allow your flaws to inspire me just as much as your achievements do.

Check in tomorrow for Day 12 of the Challenge with its prompt "Things you want to say to an ex."

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