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Thursday, August 25, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-29 A picture of yourself

Today's prompt is simply a picture of yourself, but I decided to not only post a picture but explain why I chose the picture, where it was taken, and a memory I have of the picture. SO here goes:

This picture is a very meaningful one to me.

In this picture from left to right: my cousin Kevin James Caetano, Me, and my best friend Mike Machado.

It was taken in Artesia for a party known as "Festa da Bola" it takes place every year on Memorial Day Weekend, and is a soccer tournament, and an awesome party.

Kevin, Mike and I, and some others like, my cousin Kris, another one of my best friends Eric, and Jesse, etc. etc. would rent a van and drive down there every year for this party. We'd get there on Friday afternoon, Jeca (Mike's girlfriend, and now fiancé) who lived down there would meet us at the hotel, clippers in hand. She would give me a mohawk every year, it was tradition. She would also dye some of the guys hair, and bleach mine etc. etc. I'll never forget those drives up and down to and from that festa, I'll never forget the great times and great memories made at all the festa da bola's we went to.

We were of course under the age of 21 in this picture, and in order to drink you need a pink wristband. We had our connections, but on this particular day we weren't able to use our connections for some reason or another. So there we were wristband-less. Were trying to come up with an elaborate plan to get them, when our connection shows up with three of them. This picture was taken right after we got them, as you can see we were pretty excited.

I chose this picture because KEvin, Mike and I used to call ourselves the wisemen. We used to sit outside Mike's house, and talk until the early morning about everything. Life, Love, Fears, etc. etc.

This picture makes me smile, because it is a portal to every memory I have with both of these brothers of mine.

Everyday I think about Kevin, and I miss him, and these memories help to soothe that void that his passing left in my heart.

I know Kevin is up there waiting for us to get there, so we could continue our wise men conversations up in heaven.

Until then, all I have is memories, luckily I have enough memories to fill a thousand books.

So to the Wisemen, I love you guys, Thank you for everything you've down for me over the years. I am blessed to have people like you in my life.

Check in tomorrow for the FINAL DAY OF THE CHALLENGE with its prompt, "What changed this month, What you hope will happen next month."

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