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Saturday, August 27, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-30 What changed this month? what you hope will happen next month

Finally reached the end of the Challenge. I'd like to thank all my family and friends and anyone else who has been reading these along the way. I appreciate your interest. :)

Today's prompt is what has changed this month and what do I hope will happen next month.

Well like I wrote in Day 28, the month of August has been very very kind to me. If you want to know what changed read Day 28.

What I hope will happen next month:

I hope that the good fortune and blessings I've had this month carries over into next month. I hope to stay happy, and focused on writing and life. I hope my love life stays the way it is, because I'm happy.

I hope Rapaziada, gets together and jams some! I miss it.

I hope that everyone in my life has a great month with me.

In closing I'd like to once again Thank you all for reading! I appreciate it very much!

Please Stay Tuned for some interesting topics I'll be writing in the Future.

My next blog will be about one of my favorite quotes. Check in tomorrow to read about it. :)

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