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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One of My Favorite Quotes

"One thing you'll discover is that life is based less than you think on what you've learned, and much more than you think on what you have inside you right from the beginning."

-Bret Hart (Hall of Fame Speech)

This quote rings very true in my opinion. We put way too much value on experience and education. Sure those things are very viable pieces to success, but I believe that we thrive at life, not because of those things but rather because of what we were born with.

We all have natural talents inside of us. We are all born with a set of skills that if we tap into them and evolve them, we will succeed, this is not what I am talking about though.

What this quote means by "what you have inside you right from the beginning," is not those set of talents or skills.

It is rather that hunger. That spark to always push through the rough times and persevere. We all have that hunger, but fear, lack of motivation, or just plain ol' laziness, hinders us from tapping into it, and using it to make our lives that much better.

So don't be scared to fail, don't forget that with high risk, comes high rewards.

Sometimes we just have to have faith in ourselves. The rest will resolve itself.

Like the portuguese proverb says, "Quem não arrisca, não petisca"

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