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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-26 Your religious beliefs

Today's prompt is something I think very radically on. I am not a big fan of religion. Now before you jump on my back let me explain.

I was born and raised into the Catholic religion. I was baptized, did my first holy communion and confirmation through the Catholic Church. I even taught Cathechism (equivalent to Sunday school). I just don't like the way religion has been turned into a profitable business. I don't believe in certain things that the church believes and shoves down our throats, and I don't particularly like the hypocrisy that runs rampant in religion.

I believe in God, and in Jesus christ, and in the Saints, and all that good stuff. I believe that our purpose here on Earth is to learn compassion, and ultimately be allowed into Heaven.

I don't believe that God have the lack of Compassion to not Forgive us. That's where the hypocrisy in Religion starts.

When preachers, and priests, begin to guilt trip the population into believing that if we don't go to Church every Sunday, or if we don't donate money to the church that we wont reserve ourselves a spot in heaven. They guilt trip us into thinking that we are bad people if we do not follow each and every command they spit out at us. This is just preposterous.

Just because a person goes to church every sunday does not mean they are more religious or deserve a spot in Heaven over me. I pray everyday, I don't to go to church to speak to God. God is everywhere and everything.

Another piece of hypocrisy is the bullshit that religious people are non judgmental and accepting.

That is a bunch of horse shit. Look around at people protesting Gay marriage. Most are brainwashed fanatics that hold up signs saying "God hates homos." that sure is nonjudgmental and accepting.

Look at people protesting soldier's funerals. With signs saying they are going to Hell. I'm sure that is exactly what Jesus would do if he were here on Earth.

It is absolutely ridiculous.

I saw first hand how judgmental some of these people could be. I was having a discussion with a devout christian, and telling her about my beliefs, and she was telling me about hers. In the same breath she stated, " We Christians are not judgmental. We accept everyone. I feel so sorry for you, because you don't know the TRUTH."

I couldn't stop laughing.

So my beliefs on religion are simple. Be spiritual, have a relationship with God and Jesus, and the Saints. Be kind, and compassionate. Love those who are the same and those who are different. TRY to refrain from judging ( don't say you don't judge, everyone does) Accept people for who they are, and stay true to your own standards and beliefs. You don't always have to follow in order to know the "truth" The world needs leaders.

check in tomorrow for Day 27 of the Challenge with its prompt, "Talk about your siblings"

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