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Thursday, July 7, 2011

From Justice to People and Everything in Between

“Justice doesn't mean the bad guy goes to jail, it just means that someone pays for the crime.”
                                    - The Movie Freedom Writers

I have a tendency to over think and analyze the majority of thoughts that find themselves stranded in my mind. As of late, I have been obsessing with a disgust for the way our society and the media seem to disregard the benefit of the doubt quality, and people’s privacy.

In over analyzing this idea, I have found viable proof that the media is filled with cold-hearted unyielding animals that would sell their children’s lives for a rating. It’s ridiculous how the media, not to mention our society, feeds off of tragedy and misfortune. Not their own might I add, but other peoples.

We find ourselves glued to the Television as we watch melt down after melt down, tragedy after tragedy. We all pretend to sympathize with the victims, some of us even send in donations to fight off the guilt in our stomachs. We have become a species too focused on others miseries.

Our society has morphed into this taboo-esque group that love to look down on people’s miseries, and kick them while they’re down.

Benefit of the doubt is but a distant memory in today’s world. We don’t trust anyone anymore. Our words are no longer our bonds. Cynicism is in, and everybody’s doing it.

Many would say our Media is directly responsible for constructing the monsters we have become. To desensitizing these gruesome acts and shape them into reality television, but I don’t think it’s entirely their fault.

We have allowed ourselves to lose all trust in people. A person can hardly say I Love You anymore without raising a few eyebrows.

This is tragic, a person who doesn’t trust anyone, is not a happy person. He or she is a very sad, paranoid, lonely person.

I blame us, for replacing the trust we had in people, with an unyielding trust in the Media.

We believe every spin, that animalistic journalists like Nancy Grace, and Rush Limbaugh (just to name 2 that I personally despise) throw in our paths. We buy into the sensationalizing of sensitive topics. We allow them to stick their opinions inside our brains and dispose of anything that resembles independent thought.

We have become a society filled with Herd-like mentality.

Justice, like so many other words, has lost its true definition. It no longer represents RIGHT over WRONG. GOOD versus EVIL.

It now represents what will make a good story. It’s almost like we’re living in a movie. Our Court system has become so ridiculous, we might as well start hiring actors to play the parts of judges and attorneys. Since we already have camera’s and play by play on every Medium of the Media.

It sickens me, that we have lost the courage to be individuals.

Wow, this blog has branched off into something totally different than it was set out to say. I apologize for my ramblings.

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