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Friday, July 29, 2011

30-Day Challenge-- Day-2 How have you changed in the past 2 years?

The past two years have brought me a lot of change. Most positive, some not so positive.

First big change is I started getting serious about my education. I enrolled at University of Phoenix and am very close to getting my degree in Psychology and English.

Secondly, I've gone from writing hopeful, to published author. Which is a huge accomplishment in my eyes. I know how hard it was to not only write a novel from beginning to end, but lose it in a cup of water to my keyboard accident, and have to re write it all again. Good times!

Thirdly I am finally at a place in my life where my health is a priority. I am scheduled to get my gastric by pass surgery this summer. I've been pushed around and played with by the satanic insurance companies for years. Finally it has stopped.

Fourthly, My family life is as wonderful as it has always been. We are all happy, and well, and on our ways to succeeding.

Finally, this is more on the negative side, my band Rapaziada is no longer playing. After 8 years or so, lots of memories, Great Times, tragedy, and everything in between we decided to "retire." I miss it terribly, and hope we will decide to play some more.

It's crazy to look back in time and see how much has changed. Two years ago I was 24 about to turn 25. I never could have predicted what has happened. I think that as we grow, and as life passes us by, we tend to forget about the past a little bit.

I mean, we remember some good times, we remember the bad times. But we never look back and thank God for all the progress we've made. Even if it was just a baby step or two forward, we have to be thankful that we moved forward and not backwards.

2 years ago, I was living a very different life. Not better and not worse, just different. I've grown into the man I am today. But I know that two years from now, if i I have to write this again, things will be even more different. More changes, More successes, More failures. Good times and bad times. It'll all be there, all over again.

Check in tomorrow for 30-day challenge truth blog Day-3 with its prompt "What kind of person attracts you?"

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