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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Not Guilty...

I don't know if this is the case for all of you, but when I logged on to facebook today everyone and their mom's were commenting on Casey Anthony. Everyone, spontaneously, became not only valid jurors, but Judges and Attorney's all thanks to a single verdict. It's incredibly sad in my opinion that this case was allowed to be turned into a circus, for the masses of media following geniuses to cling to.

I find it difficult to believe that any one that was not in court during this trial have a better recollection and understanding of what transpired.  I find it ridiculous that the same people who support the old cree "Innocent until proven Guilty," are going ape shit over this verdict. It was the prosecution's job to prove that Ms. Anthony was Guilty, and they failed.

Do I think she's Guilty? Do I think Justice was served? These questions are easily answered.

I don't know if she is Guilty or not, what i do know is she has been exonerated of any blame having to do with the Death of her daughter. That alone is the only thing I know for sure regarding Ms. Anthony.

This of course leads into the other question of justice. Was Justice Served?

Absolutely NOT! But it rarely is in this country. I feel deep sympathy that this poor little girl had to lose the most precious thing we possess, life. It upsets me that this happened. I do not blame Ms. Anthony for being let off. Regardless of whether or not she is Guilty or Innocent, the prosecution Failed!

Which means one of two things. She is really innocent, or the evidence against her was all circumstantial and therefore deemed unusable in court.

Again, I am not angry that she got let off, For all I know Ms. Anthony is only guilty of Neglect, and believe me 7 out 10 parents could be accused of that same crime at one point or another in their parental careers.

I am angry that our Justice System is so badly broken that we no longer expect the "bad guys" to be brought to justice.

We see hundreds of injustices done every single day of our lives, to people we love and to complete strangers, yet we sit quietly and watch hoping we never have to face such unfair judgments.

I am also angry at the mockery that Nancy Grace brought to this case. Her ridiculous amount of exposure at the expense of Casey Anthony and even her daughter are why America's media has become the three ring Lion show to the Justice systems clown extravaganza.

She will finally Shut her Mouth!

May Caylee Anthony finally Rest in Peace, and stay out of the mouths of people who want to expose her tragic life for their own personal benefit.

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