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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quote of the day: Brought to you by abraham Lincoln

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

- Abraham Lincoln

Today's quote goes hand in hand with yesterdays post. I have learned that if we do not seize the day, and take advantage of every opportunity we are given to take a breath, then we are doing a grave injustice to ourselves. We must live each day as if it were our last, I know this reeks of cliché, but the meaning holds true.

Far too many of us complain every morning that it's too early to wake up, when we should instead be ecstatic that we were afforded yet another day to truly live. Far too many of us take life for granted, we're going to tell our families that we love them tomorrow, sweep the girl of our dreams of her feet tomorrow, take our vacation time tomorrow, save all of our money for tomorrow, but more times than not, that "dream" tomorrow never comes. That is why we must learn to live in the moment. Don't pass up opportunities to do the things you love. Don't hesitate to take a little vacation time with your family or friends. Don't leave for tomorrow what you can easily do today.

This quote says it all. How many times have you heard an older person tell you, "Man, if I were your age..." Well with all due respect, you were my age, and you had every opportunity to do with your life what you pleased. As a society we should aim to erase the elderly from feeling this way. I for one, intend on doing everything I can to live a full, happy life. So that if I get the pleasure of reaching that golden age, and I'm talking to my grandkids, instead of "Man, if I were your age.." I will instead say, "WHEN I was your age..."

I heard this other quote from, of all things, NFL Total Access, "Youth is wasted on the young." Sadly, I'd have to agree with that. Young people are the worst when it comes to taking life for granted. There some exceptions, but the majority feel as if they'll live forever. The reality is we should enjoy ourselves while we still could. While were young enough to enjoy it. What good is a million dollars going to do you, when you're 80 years old?

So my challenge to both young and old, who happen to read this blog is simply, Live Your Life!

Worry less about what's going to happen tomorrow, and more on what you could control today.

Rainy days come and go, but life is only a one way deal. You only get one chance to live. Don't waste it on the fear of what MAY happen in the future.

Check in tomorrow for another Quote of the day.

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