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Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012

As of now I’m sure you have all heard of the tragedy that occurred in Newton, Connecticut this morning.

As I scrolled through my news feed on Facebook all day I saw an outpouring of prayers and sympathy for this heinous disgusting, and down right unbearable act.

I also saw a hand full of people who chose to instead preach their politics, preach whether gun control is necessary or not.

It irks me beyond belief that we as humans, not even Americans, humans can not put our personal agendas aside and grieve collectively for the taking of 20 innocent children’s lives.

I pray that those little Angels are accepted graciously in heaven, and that they look over their loved one’s as they attempt to move forward.

Parents are not supposed to bury their children.

Far too many have been forced to plan their sweet children’s funerals, and it isn’t fair.

As with every other tragic shooting in this country, our media once again have dollar signs in their eyes.

This horrible incident, like Columbine, and Virginia Tech, will be plastered on every news outlet, with so-called “experts” weighing on reasons, inspirations and assumptions they will never know for certain.

This sick twisted monster, who committed these brutal murders, is loving this attention.

He is looking up at our society, with a sadistic smile on his face, because he gets his 15 minutes of fame

This American culture sickens me sometimes. We chase money, even at the cost of innocent lives.

Ratings rule over humanity.

Some other sick fuck, might be sitting at home, feeling neglected or searching for extra attention, and he may take it upon himself to follow in the footsteps of America’s new villain.

Because just as they say in advertisement. Bad publicity is still publicity.

Another possibility is that this man was mentally ill. I mean, obviously something was wrong upstairs for him to carry this out. But what if he truly needed help?

What if he tried to get counseling, or even medication to repress those twisted thoughts? Like a friend of mine stated in her status, Mental Health, is one of the most difficult things to get our beloved insurance companies to approve.

What if he made an honest effort to get the fix he needed, an was just brushed aside like so many others in our society that desperately need help.

Don't get me wrong, whether or not he needed help is meaningless, what he carried out was atrocious, and sickening, but perhaps this could have been avoided.

Perhaps those 20 little babies could have been given their chance to live. Their opportunity to reach for their dreams, to accomplish their goals.

To walk across the stage for their high school graduation, to look into the crowd and see tears of joy in their parents eyes, instead of the tears they see today. The desperate, heart wrenching, agonizing tears that are flowing from their parents eyes tonight.

Allow me to end this blog, with a request.

Leave your personal agenda behind.
Pray to God, Allah, Buddha, L. Ron Hubbard, or whoever else you pray to.

And ensure these children know that they will be missed, that they mattered. That their slaughtering served some purpose in this world.

And to those of you that have children.

Hug them extra tight tonight, kiss their foreheads one or two extra times and thank god that every single one of the hairs on their heads is safe tonight.

Life is short for the young and for the old alike.

Reach out to your loved ones, and to those with which you are holding grudges, because once they are gone, you’ll always wish you had said something, anything.

We are given a gift every single morning we are allowed to open our eyes, and take a deep breath.

Don't waste the time you are given, at the very least make sure the people you love, know you love them.

May all the victims of this tragic loss Rest in Peace.

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