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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Primo. I love you!

There are two times a year when I start rethinking the way I’m living, and reevaluating if I am truly appreciating the life I've been given. April 7th, and July 17th both these dates correlate to a man that touched, and impacted my life tremendously. 

Kevin James Brasil Caetano was one of the most amazing, caring, loving, and loyal people to roam this Earth. His life was cut short, but like I’ve said in previous blogs, he managed to accomplish so much in those 22 years of life. He managed to inspire so many people, and his death truly left an empty void in so many lives here on Earth. I know I’m not the only one that asks themselves what would Kevin say, or what would Kevin do in this situation. I know that I am not the only one that looks up to the sky for guidance, or advice. I know that I am not the only that speaks to him each night. Kevin was a huge part of my life, growing up as young kids we saw one another from time to time, and every time we did we always got along well. It wasn’t until we joined the Portuguese Band of San Jose that we truly began this lifelong relationship. Kevin went from a cousin I rarely saw, to a close cousin I saw at Band Practice, to brother I travelled with each weekend to and from Rapaziada gigs. A brother I would call up and hang out with until the wee hours of the morning just talking about life. Kevin became the brother I never had. When God took him away from us, he took a piece of me with him. Adjusting to life without Kevin in it has been the most challenging thing I have been faced with in my 30 years of life. For years after his passing, I would sometimes take my phone out and look for his name through my contacts list before remembering there is no phone up in heaven. When I saw Silverado on the road I always sped up to see if maybe this was all some sick joke and he was actually still here with us. Sadly, as the years rolled by I was faced with the harsh truth that he was no longer here, that he was truly gone. Coming to terms with this reality, even today, leaves me short of breath and filled with tragic tears. Kevin’s passing is something I will never fully get over. Something I will never fully accept. Through this mentality, I know that his legacy will live on, because when I have children of my own someday they will hear about Uncle Kevin. They will know the type of man he was, and how he shaped the man I have become. A man of Kevin’s magnitude never truly dies. I know his memory will live on for as long as all the people he’s touched live.

As I sit here and write this, thousands of memories come rushing into my brain. Happy memories that will live inside of me forever. Kevin and I shared a lot the same experiences. We slept in a lot of the same hotel rooms, and we partied with a lot of the same people. I think one of the greatest things about Kevin is that he touched different people’s lives in different ways. This is merely one account of the great influence he had on my life. If you asked some of Kevin’s other friends who became brothers there may be other aspects of life that he inspired. The one thing I know for sure is, every account of Kevin’s legacy is positive, and all the people who have been influenced by him would agree that they would give absolutely anything to have him back even for just one more day, one more hour. Even to just hear his laugh, or his voice. Even just to see his contagious smile.

One in a million doesn’t begin to describe Kevin. One in ten million falls short too. Kevin was truly one in a lifetime. As much as it kills me inside to know he is no longer with us, I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to not just know him, but through blood, and friendship be considered family. All the pain, and sadness that come with losing someone as memorable and inspirational as Kevin, is worth it, because of the ways he shaped our lives. Kevin will be forever missed, and always loved. He will never be forgotten, as long as I have oxygen in my lungs, I will continue to tout about the great Kevin James!

Enjoy your birthday up there, I know today more so than any other day, you will be remembered and talked about often. Many cheers and toasts will be given in your name with either a nice cold Budweiser, or a shot of Southern Comfort! Until we see one another again, please keep watching over us, I love you Primo!

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