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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Child Abuse: The Kelsey Briggs Story

This Video, and more importantly this story broke my heart.

If you didn't watch the video above, then you really should it is a powerful tribute to a beautiful little girl who was victimized by her mother and step father.

I decided to write about this story today because it really moved me. It really hurt me to know that stuff like this happens in this world.

An innocent little three year old girl, was abused, and then murdered by her step father. That alone is disturbing and sick enough.

What really boils my blood though, is that this little angel could not be saved. I shouldn't say could not, she definitely COULD have been saved, but this country's justice system is ridiculously moronic.

What judge in his right state of mind would grant this little girls monster of a mother custody, after seeing the bruises and marks she carried from visiting her?

That's the problem, we all think it's so tragic to take a child away from her mother. She gave birth to her, and it's morally wrong to rip away a baby girl from her mothers arms.

That way of thinking is why little girls like Kelsey Briggs suffer for no reason. Not everyone is fit to be a parent, unfortunately that doesn't stop them from reproducing.

Another person or persons, besides obviously the piece of shit step father, and piece of shit mother, who i pin some of the blame on is the grandmothers.

Both grandmothers could see what was happening. Personally, if someone returned my grand daughter to me with two broken legs, whether that be my daughter or daughter in law, I would never allow that little girl to be in the same room alone with them.

"The Last time I saw her, just the way she looked, the way she acted, she looked like she was dying, she was not the same child." -Kathie Briggs (Grandmother)

Why didn't you take her right there and then? Why didn't you contact someone who can protect her? Why didn't SOMEONE DO SOMETHING?

I would have fought tooth and nail to get the abuse documented to protect the innocent child.

They did nothing of the sort, and if they did, they didn't fight hard enough.

Yet another problem in this country, as parents we never find the monster like qualities in our children. We always turn a blind eye to it, because what kind of parents would we be if our kids turned out to be murdering child abuser's... Right?

It disgusts me, to think that this mother allowed her new husband to beat up on a two year old little girl.

The part that destroyed what was left of my broken heart, is when her dad comes back from war, to bury his little girl. Instead of happiness and quality time, he gets the most tragic news he could possibly get.

Parents aren't supposed to bury their children.

If nothing else, this video should show us that sometimes there's a bigger picture. Sometimes we need to put our ego's or public image aside, and take care of what needs to be done.

If someone, anyone would have stepped in and taken this poor little girl from the hands of her murdering horrendous excuses for human beings, mother and step father, maybe today little Kelsey would be enjoying Elementary school, knowing what it was like to have friends. Instead she was put on this Earth to suffer with no just cause.

So let this tragic story allow for us to be the SOMEONE, who takes action and DOES SOMETHING about this horrible problem our world faces.

If you know or see child abuse, take action, because for all you know that could be a life you're saving.


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